I bought the book “Enameling: The Complicity of Fire and Art” by Andreu Vilasís, translated into English by Mer Almagro.

I am so thrilled and grateful for every word and image in this magnificent book! The design and layout are elegant and coherent. The book is a beautiful object enhanced with the spot varnished cover! Thank You for the effort of translating and publishing this book, and for sharing this wonderful in depth knowledge. What a brilliant collaborative achievement, both translator’s and her esteemed professor. I have been collecting jewelry, art, design, and technique books for over 50 years, nothing compares to this book, it is the best book on enamel techniques available anywhere. Bravo.

I also bought several Hirosawa colors. I can’t wait to try them. Thank you as always for your wonderful test pallets, excellent packing and shipping.


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