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The first brushes specifically developed for enamelling tasks!

Made with the latest technology synthetic bristles, with the properties of traditional sable, but cruelty-free!

These brushes are perfect for wet-inlay and for painting on enamel, possessing both excellent water absorption and superb snap, tapering to the finest point. Traditionally handcrafted to our specifications in England. We’re super happy to be able to offer these superior brushes to you.

Available in three sets:
  • INLAY: Three sizes (1 – 0 – 2/0) to cover your needs in all wet-inlay (wet-packing) enamelling techniques.
  • VITRI: Two sizes (3/0 & 10/0) especially developed for painting on enamel with vitrifiable paints. 3/0 is short and conical with a lot of spring, and 10/0 is the finest tiny brush for detail.
  • COMPLETE: All 5 brushes at a special price.
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