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Enamelling: The complicity of fire and art

An English translation of Andreu Vilasís magnificent enamelling technique book.

Fully illustrated, 256 pages, hardcover. Sample pages available below.

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Enamelling, the Complicity of Fire and Art is a gorgeous hardback book, a complete technical guide in the Art & Craft of enamelling.

The book guides you from ‘What is enamel?’, tools and materials, firing, properties and treatment of metals, preparation and working processes of enamels, and all techniques both traditional and contemporary, written with clarity and passion by a luminary in the field, Andreu Vilasís.

You will find chapters on techniques with hundreds (in some case thousands!) of years of history such as Champlevé, Basse-taille, Cloisonné, Plique-à-jour and Grisaille, as well as more avantgarde ones such as Stencils, Electro-forming, Oxidation, Decals and Silk-screen printing. Included is the gorgeous technique which the Author developed in the 20th century: Opalescent Grisaille. Check the Table of Contents below for much more!

This is an excellent reference book for both beginners and experienced enamellists – you will find yourself frequently referring back to it throughout your enamelling career. You will not be able to flick through this book without feeling inspired, with stunning high detail photos of intricate enamel work.

English translation of “Esmaltar. La complicidad del fuego con el arte”. Translation by Mer Almagro.
The book was first published in Catalan in 1982 and was at the time the first professional, technical manual on the art of enamel over metals published in Europe in the 20th century. It was translated to Spanish in 1983, and went through several revisions, the last one in 2008 was a complete update and overhaul, and which has now been translated and yet again updated under supervision of the Author.

About the Author

Andreu Vilasís was born in Barcelona in 1934, and was a vitreous enamel artist from the 50’s and until his death. Andreu began teaching in the 1970’s at the Llotja School and was a professor well into his seventies. In 2022 he was awarded the Cross of Sant Jordi, posthumously, for his long career as an enameller of international prestige and for his tireless work as a teacher and mentor.

His work is exhibited in many museums. He was an active artist and supervised work on the updated version of this book up to his last days. Many new images have been retrieved from his archives by enamellist, teacher and mentor Núria López-Ribalta and newly enhanced with utmost care for this edition.

In Andreu’s own words:
“I hope and desire that the reader of this book will find within it a guide in their tasks, emerging from the experience of an entire life dedicated to this art.”

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17 reviews for Book: Enamelling by Andreu Vilasís

  1. Debra H

    I am so thrilled and grateful for every word and image in this magnificent book! The design and layout are elegant and coherent. The book is a beautiful object enhanced with the spot varnished cover! Thank You for the effort of translating and publishing this book, and for sharing this wonderful in depth knowledge. What a brilliant collaborative achievement, both translator’s and her esteemed professor. I have been collecting jewelry, art, design, and technique books for over 50 years, nothing compares to this book, it is the best book on enamel techniques available anywhere. Bravo.

  2. Leslie Litt

    I was so excited to receive this book, I have been enameling over 20 years and I still found loads of information that was helpful, the photographs in this book is of superior quality, thank you Mer for translating the book in English. This would be a wonderful addition to any Enamelist’s library.

  3. Maria Rosa Sardá

    Un buen trabajo y buen libro de Andreu Vilasis ‼️ felicidades‼️

  4. Teresa Gil Yuste

    El mejor manual para aprender a esmaltar.

  5. Andrew Thornton

    Such a beautiful book!

  6. Geneviève Gebemo

    Ce livre apporte beaucoup aux émailleurs même confirmés. Très riche en informations, de très belle qualité et sa remise à jour en fait un livre très actuel. Vivement conseillé aux débutants et à tous les émailleurs, clair, riche en information… faites vous ce petit cadeau, vous ne le regretterez pas.

  7. Dorothy Cockrell

    Read Dorothy Cockrell’s thorough and thoughtful review, originally published in the Guild of Enamellers (UK) Spring 2023 Journal:

    “Even though you may already have an extensive enamelling library, this book should certainly be added to it.”

  8. @seroniabonita

    I have my copy. What a beautiful book

  9. @hervedeleris

    Tres complet, tres intéressant. A lire absolument

  10. @fleurzefa

    Beautiful book with a lot of information. ❤️

  11. @jan_arlene_sogge

    Very nice book. Great layout, easy to use. Good info on so many subjects. Thanks Mer.

  12. @alicecarterengraver

    I got my copy last week and all I can say is WOW! Such a beautiful, informative book. I am so happy I got a copy!

  13. @enamelontheyarrow

    I’ve received my book. Your mentor and friend could not have had a better thank you than making this book happen. Thank you so much Mer.

  14. Alberto on Goodreads

    “Enamelling, The Complicity of Fire and Art” is a must-read for anyone interested in the enamelling technique. The book, originally written by Andreu Vilasís and expertly translated into English by Mer Almagro, provides an in-depth look into the world of enamelling and its intricacies.

    The book is well-crafted and designed, with an eye for detail that is evident on every page. The author’s passion for enamelling shines through, and the reader is able to learn about the various techniques that developed throughout history.

    Overall, “Enamelling, The Complicity of Fire and Art” is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn more about enamelling, whether they are a beginner or a seasoned professional. The book is well-written, well-researched, and beautifully presented, making it a pleasure to read and a valuable addition to any enamelling enthusiast’s library. Highly recommended!

  15. Marcia R. Cohen, Emerita Professor SCAD Atlanta

    Your beautiful book “Enamelling” arrived and I am so pleased to have it in my library. The design and layout are wonderful. The information is presented with gorgeous pictures and the text is logical and well organised. This may become my favourite enameling book! I’m sure your mentor, Andreu Vilasís, would be so very pleased with this work, it’s a fine tribute to him and his enamelling legacy.

  16. Linda Barnes, widow of Master Enamellist Phil Barnes

    Dear Mer, your beautiful book has arrived! I have already enjoyed looking through the vast wealth of information and insight it provides and have many fascinating hours ahead to delve further.

    I am so very delighted that Phil has been featured in this wonderfully written and presented book. He would have been extremely proud to be included.

  17. @soenamelicious

    This is the book for enameling. Not a book about enameling, the book!
    Doesn’t matter if you are a professional enameller or a beginner, you need this book!

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